Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

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1-2 States

Small business that has mainly local employees.


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3-9 States

Business with employees in multiple States.


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10+ States

Larger business with employees across the country.


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All packages come with the following benefits

  • Always up to date
  • State Posters Included
  • Federal Posters Included
  • Spanish Posters Included
  • Optional & Situational Posters Included
  • Digital Poster Links
  • Email Acknowledgment
  • Master View Employee Signoffs
  • Fillable Poster Fields
  • Custom Poster Uploads
  • Website Integration
  • Send 10 quotes and invoices

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and someone will get back to you.

    • How quickly will i get my digital compliance posters?

      Upon subscription to our service, your compliance posters are available immediately for download and/or digital display.

    • What happens if a new, updated labor law poster comes out?

      When a new labor law poster is issued, we automatically update the digital posters on our platform, ensuring you remain compliant without any additional effort on your part. We send out quarterly updates to ensure you are aware of such changes to the posters.

    • What kind of payment is accepted?

      We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diner's Club through our payment processing platform, Stripe.

    • How will I receive support if I run into a problem?

      If you require assistance or face any challenges, you can contact our support team directly at [email protected] for dedicated help.

    • Are these payments secure?

      Yes, your payments are secure: we use an SSL Layer to ensure your private information is protected, and we never store your credit card information.

    • Why would we want digital posters instead of posting them on our physical wall?

      Digital posters enable instant updates, reduce paper waste, and are accessible to remote and onsite workers alike, ensuring everyone stays informed with the latest compliance information in real time. We are also working on legislation to align with digital posting of all labor laws.

    • Is this compliant?

      We are working with political entities to get laws changed to make it fully legal and compliant. Be sure to read the terms of using these posters before using or before removing your physical, in-office posters.

    • How do I fill in the posters that require additional information?

      You can download the necessary posters, fill in the required information, and then easily upload them back to the platform as a custom document, which will then be displayed just like the standard posters.

    • What are the options for viewing/receiving/accessing these digital posters?

      The digital posters can be accessed through various methods to suit your company's needs. They can be viewed directly via your personalized ePoster dashboard, received via email, integrated into your intranet with our widget, or displayed on digital screens in common areas like break rooms. You can also use ALL these options, if desired.

    • Will I be able to put these on my website? What is the best way to do this?

      Yes, you can easily embed these digital posters by utilizing our integration widget, which can be incorporated into your site's layout, providing your employees with direct access to the posters. Be sure to see our terms to know the legal regulations to be in full compliance.